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Collaborative Wealth Management

Whether you are anxious to find a new advisor or you need a 2nd opinion regarding your current financial plan, our collaborative Wealth Management Process and Investment Management Process will likely leave you feeling more confident and relieved. A tradition “sales” approach had been replaced by Discovery Meeting, whereby we evaluate your current situation and run a complete diagnostic to evaluate whether or not you are on track to achieve your goals. During the meeting, we are able to determine whether or not a relationship would be mutually beneficial, and whether we can make a significant impact.

We do not believe in wasting time or resources, neither yours nor ours. If we cannot make a positive difference or if you aren’t a fit for us, we simply won’t work together and we’ll help you find a suitable advisor. We will also be happy to tell you if you are on track!

Our wealth management formula is quite simple for what we try and accomplish:

WM (Wealth Management) = IC (Investment Consulting) + WE (Wealth Enhancement) + WP (Wealth Protection) + WT (Wealth Transfer)

Investment Consulting: We bring an academic, systematic, disciplined, Nobel Prize winning strategy to you. We work closely with you to help you stay on course with our developed plan designed to achieve what is most important to you.

Wealth Enhancement: Diversifying the best way we know how and keeping expenses low. Simply trying to customize every portfolio to achieve what is most important to you with the least amount of risk. Optimizing portfolios with the most tax efficient investments and methods to maximize potential.

Wealth Protection: Helping you navigate (either business or personal) potential threats to wealth, such as: litigation, market declines, interpersonal relationship risk, and vetting new investment opportunities. Being a good steward of your money is a primary goal!

Wealth Transfer: Ensuring your beneficiaries, be it your family, endowments, trusts, or friends; receive the most wealth possible at the least possible expense and tax. We make sure all tools and plans are in place facilitate the maximum transfer of wealth, wherever you want it to go.

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