#3 Building Block- Learn how Employer Matching Funds can add money to your plan

Matching funds are basically free money, and you would be crazy to turn away free money. That’s what you’re doing if your company offers a matching employer contribution and you’re not putting in the amount necessary to receive the maximum matching funds. Find out the eligibility requirements and begin participating as soon as possible. Any […]

#2 Building Block – Learn how to put money into your 401(k) plan

  It’s possible that you aren’t aware of rules affecting contributions to your specific plan. Here are the questions to ask yourself: What are the eligibility requirements and vesting schedule? How much money can I put in my plan? What is the tax-free allowance or government subsidy? Since only you know exactly how each of […]

#1 Building Block – Learn what’s in your Summary Plan Description (SPD)

Your SPD is the cornerstone of your retirement plan, so, it’s important to learn every angle and how to work it in your favor. It doesn’t help if you have a general knowledge of 401(k) plans, but don’t understand the specific rules of your own plan. Ask your plan administrator for a copy of your […]

Our Response to Brexit

TO: Our Clients DATE: June 24, 2016 RE: Our Response to Brexit First, we have been monitoring and analyzing the Britain’s potential exit from the EU from the beginning, and will continue to do so. In short, the Brexit outcome has created uncertainty and elevated levels of fear globally for market participants. However, are there […]

Watch Out for “Assembly Line” Retirement Planning

Some things work best when assembled exactly the same way every time. Your car, for example, comes to mind. With a standard process in place at the manufacturing plant, mistakes get minimized, your car gets assembled faster, and that’s part of what makes the car affordable for you. Why Retirement Plans Should Always be Customized […]

How Often Should You Review Your Financial Plan?

When should you start making your financial plan? The truth is you should do it as soon as you get your first real job. Are you familiar with “compounding,” and how it works? Take a look at an example to see how it does: Grace Groner worked as a secretary for Abbott Laboratories for more […]

IRS Cracking Down on Independent Contractors

Is that person that works for you an “employee” or “independent contractor?” What you think doesn’t matter to the IRS. They think around 80% of independent contractors are accidentally, but mostly intentionally misclassified that way. And they’re so serious about it that they’ve hired an additional 100 personnel to conduct investigations. And here’s why the […]

Your Opportunity to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits is Coming to an End Soon

President Obama recently signed the “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.” Part of the act allowed married couples (and divorced couples who meet certain criteria) to maximize their social security. The act will eliminate two provisions that allow married couples to maximize their monthly social security benefit: File and Suspend Claim Now, Claim More Later However, […]

A Letter from Craig C. Rogers

You may be a little anxious after last week, and frankly you would hardly be alone judging from last week’s selloff.  But thankfully, all of you are thoughtful, patient, and intelligent investors.  I have always been thankful that I am lucky enough to work with clients that have those characteristics and with whom I share common values.  […]

Why You Need to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Smart investors diversify their portfolios to protect themselves from risk and maximize their long-term gains. Consider this scenario: You’re a proud owner of one of the better sedans money can buy. Driving around on city streets and a highway is so smooth and comfortable you forget you’re even in your car. But, one day you’re […]